How To Fix Fire Stick Not Responding Issue?

Quit annoying when Fire stick not responding and you have to watch your favorite TV shows.

This guide will show you how fix this issue, but first you need to know the reasons.

Why Fire Stick Not Responding

There are many reasons for this issue, We listed all the possible reasons:

  • Fire stick not connected to wi-fi.
  • Weak fire stick signal.
  • Loose HDMI cables.
  • Problem with batteries.
  • Device overheated.

    After knowing the reasons, you need to do some steps at your own to get rid of this problem.

Steps To Fix Fire Stick Not Responding Issue

  • Try to use fire stick in other device. 
  • Try to change remote batteries.
  • Un-plug the power chord.
  • Re-plug the fire stick after 5 sec.
  • Press select and play button together.
  • Un-plug HDMI cables.
  • Re-plug the HDMI cables.

    If these steps can’t solve your problem then try to do some advance steps to get rid of this problem.

Detailed Steps To Fix Fire Stick Not Responding Issue

  • Check Wi-fi connection
  • Check the signal 
  • Check HDMI cables
  • Change the batteries
  • Device overheated

Step 1: Check Wi-Fi Connection

  • Check Wi-fi compatibility.
  • Make the specification to 5GHz. 

Still issue not fixed, try the next step.

Step 2: Check The Signal

Check the signal if it’s good then don’t worry. If not then try to reset your router.

Step 3: Check HDMI Cables

  • Un-Plug the HDMI cable.
  • Re-plug the HDMI cables.

    Sometimes HDMI cables inserted loose then this will help you to fix this issue.

Step 4: Change The Batteries

Sometimes your remote batteries got empty, change the batteries with brand new.

Step 5: Device Overheated

Sometimes your Fire stick overheated, Check if motherboard damaged then buy new Fire Stick instead of repairing old.