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Fire Stick not Working

When you are making use of the Amazon Fire Stick and suddenly it stopped functioning and you also don’t know what has happened to it. And you start surfing online to fix the issue. Fire Stick not working is a common issue which most of the users of Fire Stick complained about. No, doubt it also encounters other problems like app errors, the problem in the video and suddenly your screen gets blank. But Fire Stick not Working issue that can be solved if you follow the proper steps with the help of the Amazon Fire Stick support team.

What is this Amazon Fire Sick and how you can fix

Fire Stick not Working error ?
Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most trending gadgets which allow you to get the access of the most popular app like Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Fox News, Amazon Prime Video, Fubo TV, Disney Channel and many more. This is the most popular streaming which is easily available in the market. You have to just connect the stick with your television and you can watch your favorite show, an episode on it.
If we talk about the Fire Stick, it is a small device that you have to bounce into the HDMI Port of your television and you can stream the video and get the experience of the new trending videos. For this all you need to have the high speed of the Wi-Fi to stream the high-quality video content. Along with this, you can have the Fire Stick remote which will help you in navigation and control. One more advantage of the Amazon Fire Stick is that it has the feature of Alexa Voice control.

Despite this, with so many advantages people complain that Fire Stick not working. If you are also the one who is experiencing the same Problem then we have a complete procedure to resolve the issue which will help you to remove the error of Fire Stick not Working. If you want that your problem should get rectify immediately, then you can call our Amazon Fire Stick support team for help. They will help you in removing the error and you can watch without any hindrance.

How to eradicate the Fire Stick not Working Problem?

When you are trying to turn on your Amazon Fire Stick and you are experiencing a problem in that. Then one thing should be clear to you that there can be many reasons behind why Fire Stick not Working. Many times this problem occurs when your Amazon Fire Stick has not connected to Wi-Fi or the physical connection for your Fire Stick has some problem.

Step 1-To Fix the Physical Connections
If the Physical connection is damaged or loose, then your Fire Stick is not working. When you insert the Amazon Fire Stick into HDMI Port of your TV in the wrong way this problem of Fire Stick not working can appear. So, to ignore the issue you need to check if the Fire Stick is inserted properly to the HDMI Ports and also check if it is not loose.

There can be one more reason behind when your Fire stick is not working properly i.e. when the batteries of the Fire Stick gets completely drained it will not get turn on. To make the Amazon Fire Stick function, then you have to replace the batteries with a new one to use your Fire Stick remote.
If the above steps are not the reason for the Fire Stick is Not Working, then it can be the problem of the motherboard. The problem in the motherboard usually occurs when your device gets overheated. And to get rid of this problem you have to buy a new Amazon Fire Stick.

Step 2-Fix the Problem related to Wi-Fi
Another reason why Fire Stick is not working? It can be due to the wireless connection. The Wi-Fi problem can be due to poor connection, power outage, or the modem or the router and even if you have made the wrong set up of the device. Moreover, if you think your Fire Stick not working then the problem can be the password. You might have entered the wrong password.

But if you are sure that the password entered in the Amazon Fire Stick is correct then, it can be the issue with the Amazon Fire Stick set up. For this, the first thing you have to do is to check there no signal blocking. Check if the physical obstruction is not causing the Fire Stick not to work issue.
However, if you think there is a problem with the router or the modem, then you can try these steps to fix the problem.
The very step is to check if your router or modem is compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick or not.
Then, check the specification on the router and modem. They should be similar for Router B, N, and G with 2.4 GHz and for route A and N it should be 5GHz.
If all the above details are right and still your Fire Stick not working, then you may need the assistance of the Amazon Fire Stick support team who have years of experience and will resolve your issue within a short interval. You need to communicate with the support team of Amazon Fire Stick.

Remote Problem that Fire Stick is Not Working

If your Fire Stick not Working, then the reason behind it can be that the Fire Stick remote is not working properly. To make the Amazon Fire Stick work, then you have to remove the problem of the remote. Fire Stick is not working can also be due to the pairing issue. And to remove the error you can restart the Fire TV and Fire Stick and then repairing the remote.

To restart the Fire Stick, unplug it and wait for a few seconds, then plug-in the Fire Stick back to the power.
Then, press and hold the home button for at least 20 seconds of your Fire Stick remote. You have to make sure that your Amazon Fire Stick should be fully charged at this time.
And if you have thought that your Fire Stick not working because of the remote. Then you can take the batteries out of the remote and then re-insert it properly in the battery part. Also, check if they are in contact with the metal ring and still if Fire Stick is not working then you may have to re-insert the batteries in the remote to make it work.
If your Fire Stick not working still then it might be the issue of the button of the remote and for this, you might have to replace the Fire Stick remote with the new one.

When your Amazon Fire Stick is not Turning On

It is very annoying when you are about to watch your favorite movie or TV show and your Amazon Fire Stick is not getting on. Besides, you should not get worried because to every problem there is some solution. Similarly when your Amazon Fire Stick not Working then you can either follow the troubleshooting steps to get it to fix which are described below:
Firstly you need to check the power cord if it is connected or not.
If it is connected then check if there is any damage or some other problem. If it is damaged then you may have to replace it with other cables.
The other thing you need to check is if your Amazon Fire Stick is working properly or not.

Basic Troubleshooting Guidance when Fire Stick is not working

So in this blog, we will help you when your fire Stick not working, to remove the error and watch your video content without any interruption.

Did you ever face a problem when your Fire Stick is also not functioning if yes then you can contact our Amazon fire Stick support team who is always ready to help you? Most of the users report that there stop Fire Stick stop working properly after 1 year.
If you aren’t able to connect to WiFi after restarting your device and attempting to reconnect, it may be because you are using the wrong password. If this is the case, you will get a password error displayed on the Fire TV menu.
To avoid password problems, remember that they are case sensitive. If you suspect that you’ve forgotten the password, you might be able to retrieve it by checking your saved networks on another device. Or ask a roommate or housemate if you have one.

Your TV will require a certain modem or router and network specifications.
When it comes to networks, Firestick can connect to WPA1-PSK encrypted, WEP, WPA-PSK, open, and hidden networks. It also supports N, B, and G routers on 2.4 GHz, as well as AC, A, and N routers on 5 GHz.
To avoid this problem, you should check if your equipment and network are Firestick-compatible before you purchase the device.

A problem in Fire Stick remote | Fire Stick not Working

The reason for the remote of your Fire Stick not working properly is that the interference can have created the problem. The remote of Amazon Fire Stick works on Bluetooth instead of infrared. So they are more susceptible to create a hindrance. So, you have to make sure that the other devices like wireless phones. Wireless speakers and other devices are creating hindrance and obstruction for the signals of Bluetooth. Amazon Fire Stick is not working you can also fix it by following the above steps.

Best Solutions when Fire Stick is not working

When you are trying to make use of the Amazon Fire Stick and it is not getting connected due to wireless network then you can make use of the network usage tool to rectify the problem of your Amazon Fire Stick with the wireless connectivity.
To get the problem of Fire Stick not working fixed, go to the network usage tool then go to Setting where you will see the option of network and press the play/pause button. Then this tool will check if your Fire Stick is connected to the correct wireless network and it will also check if the connection is active or not.
The tool will provide you all the information related to your wireless network connection and what is the problem with it and it will also provide you the solution to get the problem of Fire Stick not working solved.

Get Instant help for Amazon Fire Stick is Not Working from our Amazon Fire Stick Support

If you have opted for all the above steps and still you are not able to fix the problem of Amazon Fire Stick is not working then you need a bit of technical advice with which you can eradicate this problem. The team of our Amazon Fire Stick support will help and guide you in solving your problem when your Fire Stick not working. They will respectfully communicate with you and will make you understand all the steps related to your problem of Amazon Fire Stick Not Working. They have years of experience in the technical field that they will give you a technical solution to your problem within no time. You just have to contact the Amazon Fire Stick support team to rectify all the problems related to Amazon Fire Stick.