Why is my Fire Stick Buffering frequently?

Amazon Fire Stick has opened up a world of entertainment for the users who want to enjoy the streaming of the online video content and also the cable TV programs. It has further helped the manufacturing company to make waves with its popular devices like Fire TV and Fire Stick. No doubt, Fire Stick is a low-cost solution for unlimited content which also includes live news, live sports events in the HD quality, TV series, movies, and much more.The downside of using the Fire Stick is that sometimes your Fire Stick keeps buffering. However, the Fire Stick buffering issues last only for a few seconds at the most. When this issue appears you will have to wait for your shows to start and sometimes it becomes quite annoying when you have to wait for long.

What is the cause behind the Fire Stick Buffering?

Many of the users of the Fire Stick are asking why is my Fire Stick Buffering. This makes the user of the Fire Stick annoyed. However, there are many factors that can cause the Fire Stick Buffering issues. Here are some of the most commonly occurring issues due to which your Amazon Fire Stick Keeps buffering.

Slow Internet Connection:

 During the use of the streaming device, it is recommended that you should use the internet connection which has at least 10 Mbps speed for the 1080 p and 20 Mbps for 4K streaming. In the meanwhile, if your internet connection is slow then your Amazon Fire Stick keeps buffering.

ISP Throttling:

Sometimes, the ISP slows down the speed of the internet connection who is known to slow the speed of the loading page when they detect too much streaming of the activities and it puts a negative impact on the viewers of the Fire Stick. Basically, the ISPs can scan the traffic categories that they do not want their users to watch.

Fire Stick far from the Modem:

When you place your Fire Stick away from the Wi-Fi modem then the signal strength of the network gets poor which can also be the reason for Amazon Fire Stick Buffering issues.

Running Low on RAM: It is not common that your Fire Stick get out of RAM. When you have installed the unnecessary apps and they run in the background. This is for sure that your Fire Stick keeps buffering.

Overheating of Fire Stick:When you continuously use your Fire Stick for long hours then the device gets overheating then it is likely to cause Fire Stick buffering.

Outdated Fire Stick OS: When your Fire Stick is not updated with the latest software then also you can see the Fire Stick buffering issue

Low Storage: When the streaming device has the capability of 8GB space and most of which is used by the OS even then also it will show you the same error.

Troubleshooting Steps to resolve the Amazon fire Stick Buffering Issue: When you are watching your favorite and in between, it starts buffering at the exciting part. There is nothing more than excruciating when you know the issue. So, to fix the Fire Stick buffering then you have to follow the below steps:

Restart the Device

Many users of the Fire Stick are obsessed with it and they never turn it off. But sometimes it even leads to Amazon Fire Stick buffering issues This is the reason that you will require to restart your device to remove the cache and also to improve the performance of the device.

  • Firstly launch the Fire Stick and then scroll to the Home Menu
  • After it, scroll to the topmost part of the screen and then move the mouse towards the Settings
  • Now, you have to select your “My Fire TV”
  • Click on the Restart option.
  • You will need to click on the restart again to confirm it.

Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

When you install any tempting application for the Fire Stick then you need to be aware that it will come with a lot of junk that will slow down the running speed of your Fire Stick. If the Fire Stick device is not giving the best performance then you will be prompted to delete the unnecessary apps:

  • Go to Setting 
  • through the Menu of the Fire TV stick
  • Then click on the application option
  • After it, choose the Managed Installed Applications
  • Thereafter, you can select the application and then click on the uninstall option to completely remove the app.
  • Repeat the same process for all the apps that you do not use.

Change the VPN server

 Due to ISP throttling, if your Fire Stick keeps buffering then the best idea to fix it will be subscribing to the VPN. A VPN is the Virtual Private network through which you can hide your IP address to disguise the data traffic and the browsing history. With VPN, ISP cannot see the traffic and you will be penalized to see the content through the Fire Stick as VPN offers a fully encrypted connection. Even you can enjoy the high-speed connections and you will not get any buffering issue.

Update the Device

You have to regularly update the Fire OS software. With the latest update, you can maintain the security and improve the speed and also speed up the performance of the device. So, it is necessary to regularly install the latest updates of the Fire Stick.

Why is my Fire Stick Buffering- Fix It?

Most customers are facing the Fire Stick buffering issue and they do not know that it can be due to the Fire Stick no signal or even when the Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi. But the step to fix these issues is very simple and easy. You need to follow the below steps to get your Amazon Fire Stick buffering issue resolved:

Perform the factory reset

If you have performed the above-aforementioned steps and still your Amazon Fire Stick keeps buffering then you might need to do something more radical through which you can easily get your Fire Stick videos available without buffering.

  • Firstly, go to the Settings
  • Then find “My Fire TV”

After it, you will need to scroll down at the bottom of the page and then select the “Restore to Factory Defaults” and after it, you have to give your confirmation to reset the Fire Stick.


Amazon Fire Stick is a convenient device that provides you all the entertainment sources of content through the internet connection. But it becomes frustrating when your Fire Stick keeps buffering and you do not know how to fix but our above-mentioned steps will help you fix the Fire Stick buffering issue.