HP Printer Offline Windows 10

HP Printer Offline Windows 10, Why My HP Printer Says Offline? … What to Do if HP Printer Showing Offline? … you should go Manually  to make the printer offline to online windows 10.Have you ever come across a printer connectivity issue in your HP printer offline windows 10 ?  There’s a good chance that you have. One of the most common problems is the  hp printer offline error which makes printers go offline despite being connected to the network.

This issue occurs the most in the network printers but sometimes home printers connected directly to systems may also have this problem. But the good news is that such an issue can be solved easily. All you need is a clear set of instructions that we’ll provide you for HP Printer Offline Windows 10.

You must note that each printer manufacturer has its own specific printer diagnostic software for its specific models. These printer diagnostic software help to troubleshoot printer connectivity issues and more. HP provides Print and Scan Doctor for their printers. If your printer comes with such a software, it is recommended that you try using it first.HP Printer Offline

For technical assistance regarding the Hp Printers, you can dial our toll-free number (888) 358-6248. Our lines are open 24*7 hours throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at types of HP Printer Offline Windows 10  issues that your printer can have:

1. HP, Ricoh, Canon, Epson Printer Offline Error: This problem can crop up in any brand of printer. Users with Canon and HP printers and some other brands too have reported such issues.

2. Printer Offline Processing Command Error: You can often get an error while processing command when using a network printer. It’s a very common problem with most brands and can be resolved easily.

3. Wireless Printer Offline Error: This is a common error appearing in most types of printers but is more common in wireless printers.

4. Offline printer Unable to Ping: Sometimes the computer system is not able to recognize the printer. Commonly, users report that they are not able to ping the printer in their network.

5. Offline Printer SNMP: On some occasions, the SNMP feature can cause problems for the printer’s connectivity. You can get rid of this problem by simply disabling the SNMP feature.

6. Offline Network Printer VPN: This issue has been reported only during the use of a VPN. To get rid of this of error you’ll have to change the VPN configuration for your printer.

7. Printer Not Responding: This includes a wide range of issues like not printing or not connecting to the network or not showing up as one of the added devices.

HP Printer Offline

Dealing With Offline Printer Issues | HP Printer Offline Windows 10

As a user, you must be clear that all these issues have occurred to other users too at some point and these problems can be solved. Just because your printer is showing an occasional glitch does not mean that it is completely useless. You don’t need to buy a new printer on most occasions. Your printer would rarely go completely out of order.

The tricky part is that it is hard to tell if the printer has gone offline or it’s just a connectivity issue. This happens mostly in the following situations.

– When the connection between your printer and computer is slow or not responding.

– When there’s an internal error in your printer.

– When you have several unfinished printing tasks lined up at once.

HP Printer Offline Windows 10 | Error Resolution For Windows 10

There are several ways to manage a printer offline problem when you’re using Windows 10. Take a look at these methods:

A. Changing Printer Properties: On most occasions, you can solve this issue by simply making changes in the printer properties. Follow these steps to do that.

– Go to ‘Control Panel‘ and then to ‘Devices and Printers

– From the right-clicked dropdown menu, you’ll have to go to ‘Printer Properties’.

printer properties

– From there, you’ll have to select the ‘Ports’ tab.

printer ports

– Now you’ll have to choose the printer’s IP address.

– Click on ‘Configure Port’ now.

– Now you can uncheck the ‘SNMP Status Enabled ‘.

– Select ‘OK’ so the changes can be saved.

Note: These steps will resolve the issue for network printers only. If the issue remains, it could be a configuration problem.

HP Printer Offline

B. Changing Printer Settings: This technique is rather easy to carry out. For this, you’ll have to restart your printer and the computer. You can also unplug USB cable of your printer. If yours is a network printer, whether wireless or not, the issue is most probably with the connection. Hence, you’ll have to turn off and then restart your router.

Follow these guidelines when dealing with Windows 10 Printer Offline error. If carried out properly, these steps most likely solve the issue:

– Go to ‘Control Panel‘ and then to ‘Devices and Printers‘.

device and printers

– Make sure that the correct printer is set to ‘Default’.

– Select ‘See What’s Printing’ after right-clicking on the default printer.

default printing

– Remove any unfinished task from the list.

– Select ‘Printer‘ and then uncheck ‘Use Printer Offline‘.

printer offline

– Make sure the ‘Use Printer Offline‘ option is checked off.

– Ensure that the printer is properly connected to the system.

– Turn off your printer and the system and turn and then on again.

– If the issue is still not resolved, you would need to update and reinstall the printer drivers.

device and printer

Note: For a wireless printer, you’ll have to connect to the correct IP address. An IP address can be found via – Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Properties. In ‘Web Services’ and/or ‘General’ tabs, you’ll find the printer’s IP address. Copy and paste it in the browser’s address bar. Alternatively, you can open CMD and type ‘ping’ before the IP address and then press ‘Enter’. If you come across an error, that means your printer’s connection is not working properly.

C. Installing Latest Windows Updates: Often the main issue is outdated software. A frequent ‘Printer Offline’ error may be indicating to such an update issue. Although Windows 10 updates itself automatically from time to time; you can try to update it manually as well. Here’s how you can do that:

– Go to settings by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘I’.

– Now go to the ‘Update and Security’ section and select ‘Check for Updates’.

– Windows will download if any updates are available.

– Install the updates and look for the issue.

HP Printer Offline

D. Restarting Print Spooler Service: Follow this method if you’ve been getting a ‘Printer Offline’ error message. You can try to restart the ‘Print Spooler’ service. This service is used for printing. Restarting it can often resolve the issue. Follow these steps:

– Go to ‘Run‘ program by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ or directly from the Windows explorer.

Windows' + 'R'

– Now enter ‘services.msc‘ and then click on ‘OK’.

– It will lead to the ‘Services’ window.

– Go to ‘Print Spooler‘ and then right-click and then select ‘Restart‘ from the menu.

printer spooler

– Now check if the issue persists.

– This may not be a long withstanding solution for your printer but it will do the job for the time being.

– You might have to repeat the whole process if the issue shows up again.

Note: For automatic driver updates, you can use the driver update tool from TweakBit. It is one of the top automatic tools for printer driver upgrades and it’s easy to use. You just have to download and install TweakBit Driver Updater. After installation, it will automatically scan for your printer’s driver software. Once the scan completes, you get information about the issues in your printer driver. You’ll also get an update option via an ‘Update driver’ link. You can go ahead with it to auto-update your printer driver.

E. Checking for VPN Connection: The ‘Printer Offline’ error often shows up when your printer is connected to a VPN. Follow these steps to solve this issue:

– Try to disconnect from the VPN and access your printer again.

– To use VPN and your printer, try connecting your printer to your PC with a USB cable.

– You can also try to fix the problem by adjusting the VPN configuration and getting local network access.

F. Reinstalling Printer Drivers: This method is quite effective when it comes to fixing the Printer Offline window 10 error. Follow these guidelines for this step:

– Go to ‘Control Panel’ and then to ‘Devices and Printers’.

– Find your printer and then select ‘Remove Device’ from the right-clicked dropdown menu.

– Choose ‘Yes’ in the confirmation dialog box.

– Now download the latest printer driver for your printer from the manufacturer site.

– Make sure the version that you’re going to download is compatible with your Windows version.

– Once downloaded, you can run/install the printer drivers and you’re good to go.

G. Adding Second Printer: Sometimes you have to add a second printer when other methods are not working out. This method works out well in a network connection. Follow these steps for this technique:

– Go to ‘Control Panel’ and then to ‘Devices and Printers’.

– Find your printer and select ‘Remove Device’ from the dropdown menu upon right-clicking.

– Now go to the ‘Ports‘ tab and click on ‘Add Port‘.


– Choose ‘Standard TCP/IP Port‘ and then click on the ‘New Port‘ option.


– This will open the ‘Printer Port Wizard‘ option. Go to ‘Next‘.

Printer Port Wizard

– You will now have to enter all the necessary details (available in your printer’s manual).

– Go to ‘Next‘. Now your second printer is connected and ready for use.

add port

H. By restarting your Printer and your Computer

This is the very common and easiest way to fix Hp Printer Offline Windows 10. The majority of the errors of your Hp Printer can be fixed with a simple trick of unplugging the printer and restarting your computer.

And to restart your PC, you have to close all the files open in your PC and after clicking on the start button you will the option of restart on your right. Once the Computer gets restart you can connect your Printer appropriately.

To restart your Printer, you have to detach the Power cable of the Printer and then wait for 30-45 seconds. After that, plug in the cord. Once both the devices get a restart, mostly the error message of Hp Printer Offline on Windows 10 will disappears.

By chance, if the issue does not get resolved, then you can try the Hp printer diagnostic tool. This tool will automatically find a solution to the problem which is creating hindrance in the performance of your Printer.

If your hp printer offline window 10  issues with Windows 10 continue to persist, you can always reach out to our tech support team for assistance. Although the printer offline fixes techniques provided in this article are quite effective for most users; there may still be some exceptions. That’s why we provide round-the-clock support services for printers. All you need is get in touch with us by juts dialing the HP Printer customer support number (888)-358-6248.

HP Printer Offline

Instant Tech Support Service for Hp Printers

Thousands of  Hp printer users have chosen Gadgetsick to solve their Hp printer brand issues. We are providing the best customer support services at pocket-friendly prices. You can connect with us anytime as our services are available 24/7 for our valuable customers. If you get stuck in between above of any methods then Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number (888) 358-6248.  If you are new to the Hp printer or don’t have any prior knowledge about the technical field then don’t worry as we are here to help you. 

HP Printer Offline 

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